State School Superintendent Visits Trippe!

State School Superintendent Richard Wools

On Monday morning, J.R. Trippe Middle School was the host of State School Superintendent Richard Woods. Woods was in town to visit with Vidalia City School’s Teacher of the Year and a top 10 finalist for Ga. Teacher of the Year Julie Caraballo.

In a brief reception, Woods spoke about the rigors teachers face each day in the classroom and commended Caraballo for going the extra mile. “Obviously, to have a Teacher of the Year nominee say’s a lot about not only Julie herself, but it’s very reflective of what’s going on in the District. As far as Julie goes, it’s quite an accomplishment. A lot of hard work goes into this once you are nominated, and you have to work yourself through the system and compete literally against tens of thousands of teachers throughout the state, and now she’s a top-ten finalist. But

without the proper support from the Superintendent, Principal, and Teachers, this doesn’t happen, by just happen chance. It’s very reflective of the quality of education that students are receiving and I am excited about what I have seen here.”

Vidalia City School Superintendent Dr. Garrett Wilcox thanked Superintendent Woods for coming to see Caraballo and for backing teachers in the State of Georgia. “It means a lot that you would take time to come to Vidalia and see Julie. We think she is pretty special, as are all of our teachers. But for you to come by and spend some time in one of our schools shows that you have a heart for the educators you lead.”

The Georgia Teacher of the Year will be announced this Saturday at the Annual Gala.  

Dr Garrett Wilcox, State Superintendent Rochard Woods, Julie Caraballo, and Dr Sandy Reid
Sasser Family
Senator Blake Tillery,  Julie Caraballo, and Richard Woods
Richard Woods, State Rep Lisa Hagan, Vidalia Asst Superintendent Ginger Morris, Tripp Pincipal Dr. Sandy Reid, Trippe Asst Principal Michael Johnsond
Julie Caraballo & State Superintendent Richard Woods
Dr Garrett Wilcox, Representative Lisa Hagan, Richard Woods, Julie Caraballo, Dr. Sandy reid, Senator Blake Tillery