VHS Teams With Million Pines for Financial Instruction

Heather Meade from Million Pines Community Bank instruct students on Banking

During Vidalia High School’s Introduction to Business and Technology class, taught by Ms. Anna Helms, students have recently learned about Banking and Budgeting. Students have opportunities to practice check writing during instructional time, maintain a running balance, reconcile bank statements, discuss credit scores, and even set up a personal budget. Heather Mead from Million Pines Community Bank recently spoke to students about the ins and out of the banking world, how to open a checking/savings account, and even how credit scores affect their ability to obtain a loan and how credit scores affect a borrower’s percentage rates.

“It’s always a pleasure to have the opportunity to interact with the students at VHS,” said Mead. “Million Pines Community Bank is always eager to share real-world banking experiences with the students. Giving back to the community is near and dear to our hearts. We are very thankful to be invited to take part in the Banking Unit each year.

One of the students in the class is Jayden Smith, a ninth-grader at VHS who says that the session was very eye-opening. "I knew what a checking account was and knew a little about budgeting, but today I learned about how your credit score can affect you in everything you do. I really think this was a valuable piece of information and instruction and will help all of us in the future."

“I have had Ms. Mead speak to my class on several occasions,” said Helms. “With 24 years’ banking experience, a love for sharing her knowledge to our youth, and a cheerful disposition, Heather is an ideal speaker to display what our CTAE department is all about: Connecting community and school while teaching life skills that are essential to ensuring a smooth transition from high school to college and careers.”

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