Sally D. Meadows Unveils New Playground Equipment!

New Playground Equipment at Sally D. Meadows

Sally D. Meadows Elementary School students now have a new place to play, with the addition of brand-new playground equipment, which the Vidalia City Board of Education recently purchased. The equipment, which includes slides, climbing stations, a merry-go-round, and a brand-new swing set, replaces equipment that is almost 30-years old, according to SDM Principal Scott Stephens.

The CARES Act paid for the equipment and playground, and Stephens said this is a positive move, and the kids are excited. “This gives the kids an opportunity on new equipment that is age appropriate and it gives them an opportunity to get outside and do things that haven’t been able to do during the pandemic. It’s really a positive thing for us to be able to get the kids outside and active and climbing on new equipment, and the kids are so excited.”

Vidalia City Schools Superintendent Dr. Garrett Wilcox said that he and the Board are excited for the opportunity to provide the students with new and safer equipment, “It’s always a good feeling when we are able to do something for the students. The playground equipment at SDM was dated, and I appreciate the administration at the school for doing all the background work to make the upgraded playground come to fruition.” 

The equipment, according to Stephens, is “really designed to accommodate almost 100 children at a time, which gives multiple classes an opportunity to get active at a time and gives them a great variety of things to do.”

Of course, safety is always at the forefront of any project, and Stephens said the equipment is not only high-quality equipment built for this age group, but it is also designed to offer the safest environment for the kids. “We actually have a 4inch rubberized floor underneath the equipment which not only offers drainage, but it also offers the safety for the students and allows them to participate in activities in a safe equipment.”

With a price tag of around $200,000, Stephens said this would not have been possible without the Board of Education and their desire to see schools have the best equipment. “The Board of Education has been so gracious to all the schools here in Vidalia and they see the importance of having good quality playground equipment and activities for the kids. I want to thank the Board for their graciousness and their generosity. And you know this is something that the kids will be able to play on for 20 or 30 years, so this is a long-term investment.”

New Playground Equipment at SDM Picture from Drone
New Playground Equipment at Sally D. Meadows from Side
New Playground Equipment at SDM Picture from Drone