Chambers Honored at Retirement Luncheon

Steve Chambers Retirement Pic w/Russell Burkett and Dr Wilcox

After almost 25 years of service with the Vidalia City School System, Steve Chambers is hanging his tractor keys up. Chambers, who has been a fixture with the Maintenance Department for a quarter of a century, decided earlier this year, he would walk away from the campuses of the Vidalia City Schools to pursue a new line of work; being a Granddad to his grandchildren and keeping his granddaughter Hope during the day. “It’s been a great ride, and I have enjoyed working with everyone, but there is a time for everyone, and now is the time for me,” said Chambers during a luncheon which was recently held in his honor. 

During the luncheon, Superintendent Dr. Garrett Wilcox said, “Steve is a man everyone likes to be around. What you saw from Steve is what you got, and I mean that in the kindest way. Steve is the most genuine man I believe I have ever been around and the kindest individual I may know. We will miss him, but the legacy that he has left will be with this system forever.”

Several others took turns expressing their appreciation for Steve and his friendship, and Plant Operations Manager Russell Burkett presented Steve with a plaque honoring him for his many years of service, which was accepted by his wife Dale, who thanked everyone for “looking out after Steve.” Whether you know it or not, Steve considers each of you family, and he holds your friendship very close to his heart. It’s not something he takes lightly and prays for each of you daily.”

Burkett, who has worked with Chambers throughout his 24 plus years, said that he counts it an honor to have worked with Chambers, “rarely do you have a co-worker that is a friend, who is loyal, helpful and always ready to step up to the challenges that are required every time. We are thankful for his service here and pray that in this next season of his life, that God will abundantly bless him and his family.” 

Russell Burkett presents Plaque
Steve Chambers Receives Tractor
Steve Chambers Retirement Pic
Dale Chambers Receives Plaque
Maintenance Crew Pic
Steve Chambers
Sabrina Wiggs Shares Thoughts About Steve
Steve Chambers Receives Tractor 2